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and does the value rise if it cannot be replaced?

29 March 1989


Vic, 21. Oryginally named Monika, but friends call her Vic. Is of medium height. Has black/pink shoulder-lenght hair. Brown eyes. Is rather picky but loves to make new friends. Shy. Reserved. Sarcastic. Obsessive. Speaks English and French. Better Run is her favorite song, but only the one covered by Benji Madden. Music. Band Merch. Concerts. Drawing. Photography. Travels. Daydreamer. Watches too many tv series, but her faves are True Blood, Entourage, Gossip Girl, friends, Supernatural, The OC and Chuck. The Hangover is the best comedy she has ever watched. Tim Burton movies are awesome. Loves Good Charlotte, always has and always will.

Good Charlotte. Green Day. Simple Plan. All Time Low. Marianas Trench. Faber Drive. Hedley. Madina Lake. Cobra Starship. InnerPartySystem. Avenged Sevenfold. Jimmy Eat World. Zebrahead. Yellowcard. Mest. IT Boys!, The Veronicas, blink-182. Sum 41. Fall Out Boy. Panic! At The Disco. Kill Hannah. Elliott Smith. Something Corporate. Jack's Mannequinn. Papa Roach. The All-American Rejects. The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Adam Lambert. The Cure. Kisses for Kings. The Veronicas. Weezer. Rancid. The Smiths. Owl City. The Rocket Summer. MXPX. Goldfinger. Lifehouse. my Chemical Romance. Kaiser Chiefs. New Found Glory. The Ramones. Sex Pistols. The Used. Eminem. Maroon 5. Boys Like Girl. White Lies. AFI. Nada Surf. Forever The Sickest Kids. Katy Perry. Michael Bublé.